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The examples below have been chosen to illustrate some of the more complex situations in which Alt Asset Finance have successfully brokered arrangements where other funding providers had failed.

Whilst we relish complex challenges, in more straight forward circumstances we also add value by being a “safe pair of hands” through delivering results which still rely on the same levels of diligence and thus reflect better on the companies for whom we are working.

Case Studies

Newly Formed High Technology Company

A newly formed specialist soil, water and sample analytical company needed to finance specialist high tech laboratory equipment. Because of the combination of their recent formation and the specialist kit they had been unable to generate any funding.

By exploring their market in more detail (such as, there were no competitors within 100 miles radius and samples potentially are at risk of cross contamination the further they travel), the experience and connections of the senior personnel (experienced academics from senior posts at various universities) and by interrogating their business plan (they had pent up customer demand across a range of industry sectors including a connected company to act as a conduit for work), we were able to package up a deal.

Just a matter of a thorough justification with supporting detail.

Self-Build Specialist Plant

A successful and rapidly growing manufacturer of crushing and asphalt plant wished to raise £1m against a self-built unit in order for it to go into their rental fleet and not impact upon cash flow. Self-builds are often the most difficult assets to finance due to risks in title and underlying values as well as continuing risks of sale out of trust. This funding requirement also came about when the banks and finance companies were all in reverse.

By proper due diligence, including noting worldwide sales of these plant over the previous three years, investigating the pending order book (which ran for over 12 months even in a declining market) and spending time physically inspecting and documenting the equipment (as well as ensuring the correct supporting legal charges), we were able to complete on this.

The supporting proposal here was ½ inch thick in detail but ensured an arrangement was delivered in the most difficult of prevailing conditions.

Growing Company in Sewerage and Infrastructural Cleaning

A growing company specialising in both sewerage and infrastructural cleaning, special situation delivery and clearing of oil products required a refinance of £800K for heavy plant in order to fund monies spent out of cash flow on infrastructure investments not otherwise fundable. In spite of their ongoing performance and strength, other parties who had looked at this deal were not prepared to fund it.

After our in depth due diligence including a full evaluation of the vast array of diverse income streams, unique customer relationships, contracts and reputation in their own industry for excellence, combined with advice on a secure documentation route and a clear valuation of the assets to hand, we were able to broker an attractive funding arrangement.

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