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How We Work

You will find that Alt Asset Finance is different to other brokers that you might have known. The difference is in the way that we work.


Your introduction to our service may come from many different sources, but it is only a member of our elite team that will work with you to secure the finance or refinance that you need.

This means that we can bring to bear the full force of our experience and expertise in every situation to ensure the best outcome for all involved.

We have specific knowledge of industrial plant and machine tools gained through personal experience as well as working with our sister company CNC Asset Management which provides extended warranty and accidental damage insurance along with claims handling services.

We call ourselves Intelligent Brokers because of this.


Securing the right finance option for your organisation is more important to us than just getting any transaction completed. The reason is simple - we want your organisation to come back to us again in the future and for you to recommend us to your colleagues.

To make sure that we are recommending the most appropriate options we undertake a detailed assessment of your organisationís situation in the context of your industry sector and markets. This will include visiting your premises, analysing financial information and forecasts, as well as drawing on our internal and external research sources.

At all times we will keep in mind both the immediate and longer term needs of your business so that our final recommendation make the best strategic sense.


Success in securing funding in heightened the more you understand how funders will make their decisions.

Given that our intelligent brokers all have backgrounds that include working for funders, we are well placed to succeed.

There are four factors to consider:

1) Approaching the right funder with right proposal

Funders have their own business strategies and policies. Knowing these intimately allows us to preselect the right funder(s) from our pool for any finance proposal.

With this knowledge we can also engineer the financial makeup of our proposal in the way that we know is most likely to succeed.

2) Preparing the best documentation

Key to the funderís decision process is the proposal documentation, known as the 'credit paper'. Credit papers include certain types of information by convention (there are no specific rules) but can vary greatly in quality and quantity.

Strongly prepared credit papers significantly reduces the funderís view of the risk of the proposal. This leads to a quicker and better chance of acceptance and on improved terms than otherwise.

3) Protecting the client's credit score

Every time a funder runs a credit check on your business it is noted by the credit scoring companies. In itself that is not considered detrimental, but when a number of credit checks are noted within a short space of time the funding companies might assume that youíve been refused a number of credit applications.

Our approach of specifically targeting funders with the best quality documentation to maximise the level of first time acceptance means that credit check notations are kept to the minimum - which protects your chances of getting other credit requests accepted.

Not all finance brokers take the care in this respect that we do.

4) Assistance with grant applications

The government provides economic regions of the country with specific grants for SMEs. These grants usually encourage investment which creates jobs through growth and prosperity, which means that investment in technology or modern equipment can sometimes attract grant aid. However, applying for grants can be complex.

We can assist using our experience of completing grant applications to stage one.


We manage our business to build long term relationships with our clients. This impacts how we work at every stage and how we reward our success.

It also explains why we are prepared to invest the time and effort in building our background knowledge of your business, your plans, your industry and your markets.

The upside for both of us is that future financing needs get easier to discuss and arrange. It also means that we can continually improve the quality of the proposals that we make to our funders, thus increasing the chance of acceptance on excellent terms even further.

To improve the relationship even further, we offer an optional three-year exclusive mandate for clients. Under this arrangement we will share our internal information with you, including the all important Ďcredit paperí document.

But whether you choose to work with us exclusively or not, donít be surprised if we arrange periodic facility reviews so that we can stay prepared for any future funding requirements.

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CNC Asset are an approved Coverholder at Lloyd's

Plant and Equipment

  • Crawler excavator
  • Wheel Loader
  • Wheel Excavator
  • Compact Equipment
  • Dumpers
  • Scrapers
  • Dozers

Plant & Equipment

  • Forklift Trucks
  • Materials Handling
  • Generators

Machine Tools

  • Metal forming
  • Metal cutting
  • EDM
  • Plastic injection moulding
  • Plastic extrusion
  • Routers

Other Equipment

  • Plasma screens
  • Materials Handling Equipment
  • Hydraulic motors
  • Power Transmission Output attachments
  • Engines, equipment and associated machinery
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